Top 5 Things to Know About Microsoft’s AI Keyboard Button

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We are living in an era where technology is emerging at a significant speed. There is no doubt that the year 2024 will be AI-first, where technology seamlessly integrates with human life.

In this article, we’ll cover the Top 5 Things you should know about Microsoft’s AI Keyboard Button and explore the ways in which this dedicated Microsoft AI button can assist us :

About Microsoft’s AI Keyboard Button :

Microsoft recently announced, via their blog, that they are introducing a new dedicated AI button on their keyboards. For the first time in three decades, Microsoft is changing the design of its keyboards, adding a dedicated key for AI. This key will enable you to quickly invoke or call Co-Pilot on Windows PCs, facilitating swift access to the Microsoft AI Chatbot

The button will have the Co-Pilot logo, which looks like a ribbon. But Microsoft isn’t the first to come up with this idea—Apple set the trend in 1980 with their custom ‘Command Key‘.

Apart from this, Microsoft is also collaborating with other computer manufacturers to incorporate this dedicated AI button

Now, have a look at how this dedicated AI key could be helpful : Key Features of Microsoft’s AI Keyboard Button :

Quickly Access to AI features :

Image Credit : Windows Official Blog featuring dedicated Microsoft’s AI Keyboard Button

From the above image, we can clearly see that they added a new dedicated Button for this.

Now, with just one click, you can dive into the world of AI. This special AI key will open up the Virtual Assistant, AI-powered search, and much more in an instant. This will also help you add voice commands and AI-driven tasks, enhancing your experience with technology for a more smoother. Once you click on it, you’ll experience Microsoft inbuilt Co-Pilot.

Have a look at the below screenshot, taken from Microsoft website :

Image Credit : Windows Official Blog

Create Beautiful Images :

Want to bring your imagination or text prompts to life through beautiful images? No worries! With the dedicated AI Co-Pilot button, your creations come to life within seconds. Even this AI Generated images are helping various industries like healthcare, gaming to create more realistic virtual environment.

Here are some prompts example that you may try :

  • A futuristic cityscape at night with colored lights and flying cars
  • Kids playing cricket near a flowing river with beautiful fishes swimming nearby
  • A lone girl sitting, with people behind her laughing and busy with their work, ignoring her

More Personalized Answers and Search :

Thanks to AI, now, simply get what you’re looking for. With this button, you’ll have access to more personalized answers. Co-Pilot will ensure that the answer you are looking for is not only accurate but also uniquely relevant to each of us

Moreover, answers provided by Co-Pilot will be SEO-focused. Whether you’re writing an article or creating engaging content, it will be more centered on search engine bots, ensuring that Google prioritizes your content

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Let’s explore some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you may be curious to know

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When will Microsoft’s AI Keyboard Button be available to users ?

This new key will be added to new Microsoft-enabled laptop/desktop keyboards, and you can access it before the end of this month as the implementation of the new key has already begun.

However, Microsoft also mentioned that when the Co-Pilot feature will be available can differ depending on where you are and the type of device you’re using

2. How to activate Co-Pilot in Windows ?

You just need to tap on this dedicated key, and voila, Co-Pilot is activated on your Windows system. It will have a ribbon icon on the buttons, making it easy for you to quickly locate.

3. Which laptops will have these features?

These features will soon be available on new Microsoft devices running Windows 11/12. These devices will have a dedicated Microsoft AI Keyboard button. Microsoft will introduce this button starting with upcoming Surface devices series.

4. Will Microsoft replace any keyboard keys?

Yes, Microsoft is going to remove the secondary control key, which is located right near the Alt key. In a nutshell, it will be placed between the Alt key and the left arrow key. This change is clearly demonstrated in the video

Sources : Windows Blog, AI Revolution Channel

The content presented in this blog is taken from a combination of research and some reputable resources within the Microsoft community and YouTube. Some of them are : Windows Blog, AI Revolution, Windows

Conclusion :

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